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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Refban - Referral Banners

Welcome to Referral Banners!

Referral Banners is currently in pre-launch. The system will be set live in early 2013.

Although the system is still in development, you can start building your referral downline right now and earn real cash from day one! Click on 'Referrals' to get your unique referral link!

The free $10.00 USD sign-up bonus is exclusive to pre-launch members only, so get referring as fast as possible and take advantage of this great referral incentive!

Referral Banners is a brand new concept in banner advertising. You can earn money by displaying banners on your website, blog and in other places much the same any other banner advertising network. However, you can also earn money by telling other people about us and refering new members and advertisers. Banners + Referrals = Referral Banners.

We have a unique payment model that ensures all users earn fairly and advertisers get the highest quality impressions possible. Unlike other networks, we pay users a guaranteed amount per day. Users will be paid this amount as long as they display banners on their pages. If you display more banners per day, you will get more referrals and will earn more.

This blend of CPM (cost per thousand) and CPA (cost per action) offers a far greater reward for users that supply geniune impressions. It also solves the biggest problem with conventional CPM banner advertising as users will not earn more by artificially inflating their impressions.

With multiple ways to earn and very high quality advertising (at some of the lowest rates in the industry) we think that Referral Banners has a great deal to offer. Get started today!

Join Now ! !  http://refban.com/27745

~ Advertising ~

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